A loan designed to develop and grow small projects (Commercial, Industrial …) whether it is a home-based, mobile or fixed business.

Target group:

- Owners of fixed, mobile business or home based business (The business activity must not be less than 1 year)
- Target Age Group: Between 18 and 63 years old


Loan features:

- Currency: Lebanese pound
- Loan Amount: Adapted to the needs of the business, maximum amount 7,500,000 Lebanese pounds.
- Repayment period: Between 6 and 36 months
- Guarantees: One or many Guarantors (an employee or a business owned) are required.

This is determined according to the value and the duration of the loan.


Required Documents:

- Documents related to the applicant (Copy of ID Card, certificate of employment, Lease, Proof of Residence)
- Legal documents related to the project (Lease/ownership contract, business license if applicable)
- Documents related to the Guarantor (Copy of ID card and certificate of employment)

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