Are you looking for an insurance to compensate you in the case of accident or sickness?

Do you have a limited income and you need to compensate all the medical fees that you already paid? Mouazara is a mechanism which protects you against risk (accident, illness, death in family…)

Target Group         
- Any client of Ibdaa Microfinance (women, entrepreneurs, employees,
students, business owners, freelancers…)
- The target age group is between 18 and 64 years.

Product Features:

- The value of the insurance covers and fit the insured and its potential needs.
- Cash compensation for the hospital bills
- Daily compensation for the disruption in case of illness
- Compensation in case of death or physical disability

Required Documents:

- Complete Loan Application
- Filling the micro-insurance application
- A copy of the ID card
- In some cases, health or medical clearance is required



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