“Tahseen” is a loan which targets SME business owners running a fully established market-based business and employing at least two people.


Target group:

  • Small and medium entrepreneurs who own a business, whether fixed or mobile (the business or activity must not be less than two years old).
  • The target age group is 18-62 years old.
  • Gender: Male and female.

Loan features:

  • Currency: Lebanese pounds.
  • Loan size: suits the needs of the business and ranges between 8,100,000  – 30,000,000 LBP
  • Repayment period: 9-36 months.
  • Grace period: up to 3 months, if needed.
  • Collateral: up to two personal guarantors with proven income (employees or business owners) are required. Additional in-kind guarantees can be required depending on loan and business characteristics.

Required documents:

  • Personal Documents:
    - Copy of ID card
    - Proof of the residence
  • Work Documents:
    - Legal documents for the business (lease/ownership contract, a business license if applicable)‚Äč
    - Supporting documents for loan use.
    - Financial projections of the business, if available.
  • Guarantor: Legal documents of the guarantor (ID, proof of residence, work certificate)
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