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In a short time, IBDAA has been able to address the needs of those who persist in fulfilling their professional ambitions, and who seek to improve their living conditions. IBDAA contributed to the smiling face of many people and thus motivated them to enter the midst of progress and growth, and succeeded in many aspects, in terms of expanding its spread in various Lebanese territories, or in terms of reaching the maximum number of beneficiaries, especially Low-income and marginalized groups. IBDAA was also an opportunity to spread the concept of financial inclusion and economic integration through job creation and small business development.

Since its inception, IBDAA has been keen to plant the seeds of hope, reflecting its mark on more than one level:

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IBDAA Lebanon launched its operations through its first branch in Beirut, back in July 1st, 2012. After focusing on micro and small entrepreneurs as well as productive women.

IBDAA aims at reaching a big number of clients through partnerships and a network of branches all over the Lebanese territory and a diversified range of loan products, and non-financial services.